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Who Are the Artists In Your Neighborhood?

Who Are the Artists In Your Neighborhood?

An Interview With Kerry Molina

Kerry Molina is a multimedia artist living in Gainesville. She finds inspiration in the everyday and the eclectic. Read on to discover more about this local artist and her work.

Where are you originally from?

“I am originally from a small town in upstate New York. I don’t know that my hometown informs my art.  But I will say that my art does reflect vintage ephemera, the love of antique things and slower, simpler times. And I feel a rich history and vintage feel when I go back home.”

Share with us your educational and professional background.

“I earned a BA in Art History (with minors in Art and Dance) from Ithaca College and an MA in Museum Studies (with a focus on American Culture) from The George Washington University. I always wanted to be a teacher, though! So I did just that and was a fifth-grade teacher for nine years. Along the way, I also tutored and taught many creative enrichment classes on the side and in the summers. That’s how I started my business that I run now, Yellow Brick Road Studio & Enrichment Workshops.

I still tutor and teach enrichment workshops to women and children. These classes center on art and creative writing. I just truly believe that we don’t get to exercise our creative muscles enough. I love providing people with the opportunity to do just that.”

How did you become interested in the visual arts?

“As a kid, I was always interested in the arts. I was a maker — I loved every kind of craft and project. And I come from a long line of crafters. When I got to college, I discovered art history. Until then, I didn’t even know that was a discipline. (Small town, remember?) I took the intro class, and I was hooked. I found such joy in learning about history through artists and their art.”

What media do you use and what attracts you to that type?

“I am a mixed-media artist. What that means in my art is that my pieces usually have at least collage, paint and ink on them. I love to play with many layers of materials. I am attracted to old papers, game pieces, bits and bobs … and the stories that they may have to tell. My work is mostly abstract and very often includes a word or phrase.”

Tell us what inspires you!

“Thrift stores, antique shops, yard sales, beaches, other artists, books, nature, interesting speakers and what comes up in my journal writing.”

What is your process for creating a piece of art?

“I rarely start with the end in mind. I usually start by putting down some colors, then I layer in some papers. I go back and forth between collage and paint many times. This creates a background. Then I look at it to see what kind of theme is emerging and start to make more intentional choices for the next layers. In the meantime, I am always reading and journaling. As I do this, I jot down thoughts that come to me, and these are the phrases and mantras that I print on my artwork as the last step.”

Tell us more about the classes and workshops you offer.

“I have a weekly art class for kids on Thursday evenings. I plan to teach some art and writing classes for homeschoolers during the day. I have summer camps for kids, and this past summer I did one for women. Sometimes I post classes on my website that people can sign up for; other times, classes are created based on interest from someone who inquires. I do birthday parties. I also do workshops for women in their homes as fun ladies’ nights.”

Where can people see your art?

“The last time I was published was in Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2017, a feature article about my piece ‘Stop. Smell the roses?’ I’ve had pieces published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine previous to that. I had a banner hanging in Old Town Manassas this past summer as part of their Banner Art Contest.  And there are samples of my work on my website, and I am slowly getting my Etsy site up and running.  The best thing to do is always contact me through my website to see more or for a commission.”

What do you most appreciate about living in Prince William County?

“Oh, I love this area. I like its vibrancy and diversity. There is always a lot going on, and I feel surrounded by people who are smart, hard-working, interesting and caring. I love that we are growing, and I see a lot of potential.”

Get more information about Kerry’s art, workshops and classes on her website.

Western Prince William County is full of creators. Stay tuned throughout the month for more local artist profiles.

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