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    Open Doors to an Open House This Spring

    Open Doors to an Open House This Spring


    Selling your home can seem scary given the recent history of the housing market. However, the tides have turned and we have seen the market bounce back, making an open house worth having as a potential end all to your search for a buyer! You don’t need an arsenal of tips and tricks to make your open house successful, just step into the shoes of your potential home buyers to adequately prepare.

    Advertisement is key — Preparing for your open house entices buyers to attend. You don’t just want any buyers though; you want serious interest — people who can afford the actual costs of their soon-to-be home. A simple trick is to get your neighbors and friends involved: Generate interest and publicity by sending an email to those you know in the area. Not spam of course, but a quick note showcasing “a great opportunity if you know anyone interested” with your open house date and a copy of your flier. Also, see about putting up your open house flier in places you frequent such as your favorite café, work lounge and gym. This can catch people who generally live the same lifestyle as you and helps to get the word out to those outside of your own social circles.

    Provide the essentials – People leave open houses for a variety of reasons — they’re hungry, thirsty or in need of more information readily available on the internet. Plan to provide simple refreshments so your potential buyers don’t readily have a reason to leave and can imagine what their life might be like in your home. Additionally, home buyers consider more than just the house: the schools, location and neighbors are also factors for these potential buyers. You or your realtor should be armed with the information they are looking for and may even consider providing a fact sheet on the perks of living in the neighborhood. Sure, you cannot anticipate every question, but providing wireless access to your visitors is another simple solution. Have your Wi-Fi password at the ready!

    Décor – Eliminate it! Let’s face the fact that the ultimate goal is for this to be someone else’s home. So eliminate the personal touches: pack away the family photos, paint the walls white and empty out the closets. Not only do you want to make the home presentable, but make it possible for someone else to imagine their life being lived in your home, with their personal touches. Choose simple “forgettable” décor, like a fruit bowl!

    Hosting an open house is not always an end-all solution to finding a buyer, but we are here to show you the details that can help make it a success. The most important thing to remember when holding an open house, is to convey the image that you are ready to let go, buyers are not interested in buying someone else’s home, but rather a house where they can create their own set of memories: their own home. Also, remember that realtors are professionals and have an arsenal of information regarding open houses, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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