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Jurassic Park Here in Virginia?

Jurassic Park Here in Virginia?

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If you’re looking for a wacky roadside attraction, look no further than Dinosaur Land in Stephens City, Virginia. This tourist trap has been around for 50 years and features over 50 different dinosaur models. Bring the whole family for a picnic and a day full of fun posing with the various statues.

Dinosaur lovers will enjoy the variety of life-size Mesozoic creatures, but Dinosaur Land has more than just dinosaurs. You can pose for a picture with a huge praying mantis or sit in King Kong’s hand. You can also climb into the mouth of a giant shark statue, try to put your arms around a gargantuan cobra or sit on a larger-than-life octopus.

This park is just a few miles away from Skyline Drive, so the drive there is scenic and you can make a day of visiting the park and continuing up for some outdoor fun in the mountains. It’s the perfect road trip pit stop to get out, stretch your legs, have a picnic lunch and enjoy some kitschy creations.

Enter the gift shop entrance through the mouth of a dinosaur. Then dig through countless, bizarre treasures. The gift shop is sprawling and filled with interesting finds, from park-specific to regional keepsakes, knickknacks and fun items for the kids (and the kid in you).

This park actually started as just a gift shop, until then owner Joseph Geraci was reportedly inspired by some fiberglass dinosaurs he saw at a putt-putt course in Florida. He returned home with a vision to transform his gift shop into a prehistoric paradise. Over the next 40 years, he gradually added statue after statue to his collection. Some of the older statues are made of plaster. The newer statues are made of fiberglass. Several of the fantastical creatures, including the King Kong and shark, stand alone, while the dinosaurs are posed in action sequences. You can see a Megalosaurus “eating” an Apatosaurus or a Triceratops “attacking” a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Yelp reviewers absolutely love this place.

Chef A. from Frederick, Maryland said, “Come for King Kong, stay for octopus, only at Dinosaur Land.”

Anthony from Springfield, Virginia said, “The layout of the place is also convenient, easily allowing you to loop around and venture into different areas of the park at will. In terms of overall size, it’s not too big — you can view each dinosaur/description in about 45minutes, but it allows for tons of excellent photo ops (King Kong is great!)”

Holly G. from Berkeley, California said, “Best place ever! I am giant kid, nerd at that. Loved this mini-park. It was such a fun place to stop for an hour or so. The gift shop is HUGE! You will spend at leaf 30 minutes just see everything it has to offer. Perfect stop for bored kids on a road trip. Enjoy!”

Create goofy memories of your own with your family – take a road trip out to Dinosaur Land. For only $5 to $6 for admission, depending on your age, you can take tons of fun photos and have a jam packed day of outdoor silliness.

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