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How to crush your first 90 days as a new real estate agent

Alright, so you’re a brand new real estate agent, you just got your license and I’m sure on the course they taught you everything you need to learn how to make money and get that phone ringing………

Now, let’s be honest, they didn’t teach you crap. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to make some money in the first 90 days so you can show your mom and dad, you made the right choice.

What’s up, this is Chris Colgan. I’m with Keller Williams Realty, I’m gonna tell you what to do in the first 90 days to become a successful realtor. I’ve been doing this for a long time since I was 21 years old, and I’ve had some great years. And I want to give back and show you guys what you need to do to be successful.

The very first mistake that I see most brand new realtors make is they don’t learn the contract. You got to learn the contract. So you know what you’re talking about. You don’t want to be in front of a client and they say, Well, hey, how does this work? How does that work? And you’re like, uh, yeah, hold on one. Let me go call my broker. No, you’ll look like an idiot. Learn the contract, know what you’re talking about. And also, this is going to prevent you from getting in trouble.

All right, number TWO, this is one thing that I think most brokerages won’t tell you to do, which I think is one of the most crucial things you have to do, which is one of the very first things I did that helped me consistently when I first got my license, do 20 to 30 deals not spend that much money. Get a list of 100 people that you know, now I know what you’re probably saying, Well, I don’t know that many people, Chris, like I don’t know what to do. No, you know, people call your parents call whoever call your friends get a copy of their wedding invite list or Christmas card list. You want to get everyone’s physical address if you can, their email and their phone number of all your friends. And you want to make a list of 100 people that you know, and you want to consistently start mailing them calling them checking in. And that’s going to be the beginning of your sphere of influence. A good CRM of views that’s very cheap, and I’ve used this for years is Buffini CRM, I think the thing is like 30 bucks, you can easily throw that list in there and start mailing to them, it’s gonna immediately start getting you results. People like this. They want to work with people they know and trust like you. So immediately for you do anything put together that list of 100 people.

Number THREE, you want to prospect 90 minutes a day. Now when I say prospecting, I noticed most of you are thinking Oh man, I don’t want to call expireds whether it’s not that many anyway, right now, or for sale by owners, you don’t need to call all those people right off the bat. Honestly, I suck at calling expireds. And for sale by owners, I really don’t want to get yelled at all day. I’m a nice guy. Look at me, you know, everyone loves me. So the thing is, you want to prospect 90 minutes a day and block that time out. I don’t care if you go to the office and you say I have nothing else going on. But today from 10 to 1130. I’m going to prospect. Now who can you call, you can call that sphere list, do a quick check in and say Hey, what’s up? It’s Chris. Just want to see the family’s doing. How are the kids blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, oh, by the way, I’m doing real estate now. How’s the market if they asset it’s always doing great. I’m not here selling houses, even if you’re not selling crap. I’m not here selling houses doing things making things happen. I’d love to work with anyone else that you know, and help them out 90 minutes a day. You can also call ask agents in your office say hey, do you have any old trash leads that I can call 90 minutes a day, if you do that, for a good 90 days, your business is just going to blow up and you can’t stop that when you start doing a ton of business. Do not ever not block out that 90 minutes. That’s one of the most crucial things. They’ll help you be a successful realtor.

All right, number FOUR, sign up for some of these referral companies that are out there. Now a popular one is called up Upnest, I’m not going to give you all the company names unless you want to join my team and work with me. Because you’re gonna be my competition otherwise, but sign up for some of these referral companies. They’re gonna charge anywhere from like 25 to 35%. It’s worth working there deals and you get some closing under your belt. You learn the ropes, you get some new clients to add to your sphere of influence, Google, find some of these companies get in their good graces, make sure you call the leads right away, you get the people great service. And that’s a quick way to get your pipeline rolling.

Number FIVE. Another thing that your broker probably won’t tell you about something that I did early in my career. And now I can tell you any street any neighborhood and like two seconds, someone will ask me if I’m out anywhere. They’ll be like, Hey, what do you think about this house in this neighborhood? And I’ll be like, oh, that model or that neighborhood. I know all about it. Because early in my career, I would go around and preview new listings because I had nothing better to do. And what I would do is I go out have a new listing hit the MLS, I’d hit the agent and say hey, do you care if I preview. I go out and preview it. And that way if a client hit me up and said, Hey, I’m looking to buy a townhouse, I’d say oh, I just saw one in Bristow that looks perfect for what you’re looking for. The other thing that I did was make sure you get the agents permission if it was a really awesome house with like an amazing kitchen or something like that. That’s content right there. So I would take a quick video put it on my Instagram, I Snapchat and then my friends that hit me up and be like, Whoa, damn, look at that kitchen and things amazing. I’d say I know, right? So do that luxury houses especially but go out and preview and you got to know your marketplace, you got to know what you’re selling.

Alright, number SIX open houses. Now I know what you’re thinking open houses suck, no one goes so many more, or I don’t have any listings. That’s totally not true. There’s a low inventory right now. And people still love going open houses, they check out HGTV. And also you get the nosy neighbors. That’s totally cool. We love them. You know what we do when a nosy neighbor walks into an open house? We say, Oh, yeah, you want to know what your house is worth. But I can take a quick look at it. give you my opinion, is that something you’d like? Most people are gonna say, Yeah, I love that. What do you do when you do that? You get their contact information and say, Hey, I can email you every month a market report and tell you what’s going on, you get to know the neighbors. So what I would do is if you don’t have any listings, ask an agent in your office that has a bunch of listings and say, Hey, can I hold an open house for you, trust me by the house, put the money into yourself, buy yourself some open house signs, most agents aren’t going to care, it’s going to make them look good to the seller. And when someone does come into your open house, I can do another training video on how to get other contact information. But make sure you get their number and their email and see if they’re working with an agent. Because these are people that you can easily convert. So I would actually set a goal to do two open houses a weekend and your first 90 days. And that’s gonna be another way to easily build up your pipeline.


Alright, last but not least, this is a really important focus on your net profit. And don’t compare yourself to other agents. You know you got people walking around, I just sold this house. I just sold that house. They post on Facebook, I sold six houses this month and you get discouraged. But what you don’t realize is they may have not actually made any money. They’re not focusing. They’re just focusing on their recognition. They’re not focused on their net profit. What do I mean by that? You got to pay the IRS, you got to pay your brokerage, you got marketing costs. So if you get a $10,000 check, you’re on an 80/20 split now it’s down to $8000 and you owe the IRS 25%. Let’s say it’s down to five grand and you pay Zillow two grand in advertising, we really only netted $3,000. That’s a huge mistake that a lot of agents don’t realize. So don’t get too wrapped up in all these awards and all that stuff to say hey, I only focus on my net profit rich agents think about the net profit.

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