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Hear our commercial on 93.3 WFLS

We just starting running a new ad on 93.3 WFLS. The commercial goes over our cancellation Guarantee as well as our new Guaranteed Sale Program. Click here to hear the ad. 


“Frustrated because you need to sell your home, you’re trying to sell your home, and its just not going the way you like or maybe it can’t sell or your not getting the top dollar you expected. We have a solution for you, our friend Chris Colgan of Remax Regency has a system that includes a guarantee that if he can’t sell your home for you he’s gonna buy it himself and you ask what might be Chris’s secret well Chris’s marketing system is on a whole different level than anyone else, as evidence by the fact that your average Northern VA Agents sells 5 homes a year, Chris and his team sell on average 70 homes a year and on average they will have your home sold in just 36 days. He has no obligation guaranteed, if your not happy with him at any point he’ll let you out of the contract free and clear. And just an example of what Chris has done for our Fredricksburg family recently, Chris recently shared this story with us, he had a family in Fredricksburg that wanted to sell their house Chris stepped in his team went to work and sold that house in just 18 days and even better Chris got the seller $7000 more than what was asked. You’ll reach Chris today at 540-322-3722 that’s 540-322-3722 or you can go online that’s if you’re ready to sell your house Chris Colgan is your man.”

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